Ler (bifacial_ler) wrote in yumyumcaffeine,

Newbie here.

First of all, do you smoke cigarettes?
Otherwise I wouldn't join this comm. )

How long have you been smoking?
Since December 13th 2005.

Do you actually like it?
I smoke for the single act of holding a cigarette in my mouth. That's my fetish.

Whats the best kind of lighter out there?
Turbo ones. I like the invisible flame.

Do you have any rituals you do when lighting a cigarette?
I usually hold a cigarette in between my teeth and lift the upper lip. And I always light with one hand.

How much of the cigarette do you smoke?
My friend have to remind me to stop smoking the filter.

How many cigarettes do you smoke every day?
Depends. Sometimes les then 10, sometimes - pack and a half.

Have you ever brought an entire carton of smokes?
Sure. I always run out.

Can you pack cigarettes?

Can you flick cigarettes?
No, actually.

Can you blow smoke rings?
Yes, there two different ways, but I like the difficult one.

What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?

Lame cigarette story:
I once tried to hide a burning cigarette in my sleeve. Bad decision.

When did you start drinking coffee?
On a regular basis? Two weeks ago. Before I used to drink Caramel Macchiato for Starbucks once a week.

How many cups/mg a day?
About 15.

Do you go to coffeeshops?
Starbucks (mostly because of Caramel Macchiato) and Cafe Nero (British ppl know what I'm talking about), but my friend wants to make me a Coffee Republic fan.

What's your favorite roast/blend?

Favorite espresso drink?
Don't like espresso.

Do you know how to use an espresso maker?
Never used one.

Have you ever worked at a coffee place?
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