Katarzhenya Ivanova (katarzhenya) wrote in yumyumcaffeine,
Katarzhenya Ivanova


First of all, do you smoke cigarettes?: No. Can I still join for the caffeine?

How long have you been smoking?:

Do you actually like it?:

Whats the best kind of lighter out there?:

Do you have any rituals you do when lighting a cigarette?:

How much of the cigarette do you smoke?:

How many cigarettes do you smoke every day?:

Have you ever brought an entire carton of smokes?:

Can you pack cigarettes?:

Can you flick cigarettes?:

Can you blow smoke rings?: .

What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?:

Lame cigarette story: I've only smoked once, and that was over a weekend with my friend. I would smoke a little off of her cigarettes. I found it relaxing but I've got enough asthma problems so I don't smoke as of now.


When did you start drinking coffee?: Middle school.

How many cups/mg a day?: 6 during school/work. On weekends/vacation, 3-ish. It depends.

Do you go to coffeeshops?: Not really. I'm poor. I'll go to Jolts and Juice if I have the money, but I usually can't handle those. Sugar makes me sick. It's sad, really.

What's your favorite roast/blend?: Dark.

Favorite espresso drink?: Again, I am poor. Therefore, none.

Do you know how to use an espresso maker?: No. We have one but I'm not allowed to touch it.

Have you ever worked at a coffee place?: Sadly no.


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