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Now that winter has rolled around (well here in the UK anyway) are you guys going to be smoking more or less?
If so, why?

I personally will be smoking more, huddled in my bathroom with the window open and a towel wrapped around me.
I love smoking in the winter when indoors, but outside is a no no.

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its late!!! hope this place is still kind of active, anyway, I've smoked for about 3 years, marbolo lights, love dark coffee, i drink lots, have bad insomnia, and am surely semi-mental

so yes, hi!

First cigarette.

I tried my first cig and found it pleasently relaxing. I've been told so many stories about how disgusting it is and how you don't wanna try it. On tv there is often dipictions of kids rapidly coughing and forcing themselves to smoke. My experience was no where near this. What are your first experiences with cigarettes like?
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Daily Consumption?

A post on another board prompted me to post my reply to it here as well and see if we can get some activity started. Here's how a typical day unfolds for my coffee and cigarette consumption. How about the rest of you?

Coffee Consumption:
Three cups between waking and leaving for work.
Two to three cups between arriving at work and breaking for lunch.
Three cups between lunch and leaving to go home.
Total: 8 or 9 cups per day

Cigarette Consumption:
Brand: Marlboro Red
Here’s my estimate for a typical day if I don’t go out in the evening. Consumption varies depending on social and physical circumstances

1 & 2: Immediately after waking and while drinking part of my first cup of coffee before showering.
3 & 4: Immediately after getting out of the shower and while getting ready for work.
5 & 6: while walking my dog
7 & 8: While walking to work.
9: With a co-worker after arriving at work.
10 & 11: Mid-morning smoke break.
12 & 13: Right before and right after lunch.
14: First afternoon smoke break
15: Second afternoon smoke break
16 & 17: While walking home from work
18 & 19: While taking my dog for his long afternoon walk.
20 - 23: While reading the newspaper
24 & 25: While preparing dinner with my girlfriend
26 & 27: Right before and after eating dinner.

By this time it is usually around 8:00 p.m. and I usually consume roughly two packs a day. Since I usually go to bed around 12:30, it works out to one cigarette every 20 minutes or so. The last four are smoked while walking my dog with my girlfriend, getting ready for bed, and just before turning out the light.