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brightdarkness' post made me think that since this community seems to maybe be waking up again, I'd reintroduce myself.

First of all, do you smoke cigarettes?

How long have you been smoking?

Do you actually like it?
Yes! I derive great pleasure from smoking. If I didn't enjoy it, I'd quit.

Whats the best kind of lighter out there?
The mini bic

Do you have any rituals you do when lighting a cigarette?
I almost always cup my hand as if blocking the wind, even when it is calm or when I am indoors.

How much of the cigarette do you smoke?
All of it.

How many cigarettes do you smoke every day?
40 - 45

Have you ever brought an entire carton of smokes?
Many, many times.

Can you pack cigarettes?

Can you flick cigarettes?
Only with moderate accuracy.

Can you blow smoke rings?

What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?
Marlboro Reds and unfiltered Pall Malls

Lame cigarette story:
Age 14, I’d only been smoking on a daily basis for a few months and tried, one day, to convince my mother that I hadn’t been smoking despite the thick cloud of smoke through which she was viewing me as I held my lighted cigarette out my bedroom window.

When did you start drinking coffee?
Age 14 or 15.

How many cups/mg a day?
10 - 15

Do you go to coffeeshops?
Twice a day Monday through Friday.

What's your favorite roast/blend?
Columbian dark roast.

Favorite espresso drink?

Do you know how to use an espresso maker?

Have you ever worked at a coffee place?
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