leather_lungs (leather_lungs) wrote in yumyumcaffeine,

First of the Day

If one believe the information I've seen that says one's depth of addiction can be partially measured by how soon one partakes after waking, my case is hopeless.

My cigarettes and lighter are in my hand as it returns from silencing the alarm. Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, I sit up and light up, taking a nice long drag and filling my lungs. By this time, my girlfriend has sat up, and I hand her the cigarette I've just lit and light another for myself. I turn on the coffee maker on the way to the bathroom. It finishes brewing about the time I finish my first cigarette, and I immediately light another as it sputters to a finish. I'm usually exhaling a lungful of smoke as I pour our first cups. My girlfriend arrives about this time, and picks up her mug with one hand and the pack of cigarettes with another. (I used to leave the cigarettes on the nightstand and bring her coffee in bed, but she made me stop because "Needing another cigarette and coffee is the only thing making me get out of bed.") We stand there, looking at each other across the counter as our mental fog slowly lifts, carried away by a clout of cigarette smoke and coffee fumes.

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