Kate (low_billions) wrote in yumyumcaffeine,

Introduction and a question

First of all, do you smoke cigarettes?

How long have you been smoking?
Two years, on and off. The last six months I've been pretty consistent.

Do you actually like it?
Yeah, it keeps me calm, and it's the only thing that's helped with panic attacks. Go figure.

Whats the best kind of lighter out there?
This weird lighter that I bought called "Djeep".

Do you have any rituals you do when lighting a cigarette?
I hold the cigarette and my hand, and turn it while lighting it.

How much of the cigarette do you smoke?
I NEVER get near the filter, after a devastating incident (I INHALED a filter that was on fire. Jesus christ.)

How many cigarettes do you smoke every day?
At least a pack.

Have you ever brought an entire carton of smokes?
Yeah. Online.

Can you pack cigarettes?

Can you flick cigarettes?
No, I usually burn myself.

Can you blow smoke rings?
I haven't attempted.

What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?
Usually, Pall Malls. However, my favorite cigarettes ever are of the eastern european variety, for that extra tinge of "Will this kill me, immediately?"

When did you start drinking coffee?
Right after I quit working at a coffee shop. Go figure.

How many cups/mg a day?
One large iced coffee, at least.

Do you go to coffeeshops?
When in Rhode Island, Tim Horton's. Usually, due to the fact I live in desolate upstate New York, I hit up Dunkin Donuts or the Muddy Cup. Stewarts is alright, too.

What's your favorite roast/blend?
I don't care what flavors or roast it is, as long as it's iced and black.

Do you know how to use an espresso maker?

Have you ever worked at a coffee place?
Dunkin Donuts, which I'll probably work at again (high paying administrative assistant job? Forget it. Free iced coffee, bitches.)

The Question:

So, recently, New York decided to turn a blind eye to those who genuinely like to smoke cigarettes (along with the seniors who have been smoking for years, and who are on social security) and raise taxes on cigarettes $1.25 A PACK. So, in the past, I've purchased cigarettes from cigoutlet.biz (they never ripped me off, stole my identity, and delivered the cigarettes- which is a good business in my book.) However, they no longer accept the type of debit card I have, and I've been on the search for a cheap online cigarette place for months. The last one I tried let me go through the checkout process (and snagged my card info- uh oh.), so I'm definately looking for a good online site that accepts mastercard and ships to the US. Any ideas?

Thanks guys!
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