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SoOo ..while I'm not new here I haven't posted in well over a year :/ So with bells and whistles I present a repost of the survey
First of all, do you smoke cigarettes?

How long have you been smoking?
since 1994 or there abouts

Do you actually like it?

Whats the best kind of lighter out there?
pretty ones?! lol Okay so while I like to buy the aesthetically pleasing ones, truly a lil o plastic lighter works great for me

Do you have any rituals you do when lighting a cigarette?
light the cigarette holding it with my lips and while I take that first inhale turn my cigarette pack over and insert the lighter between the plastic film and the box...exhale through the nose

How much of the cigarette do you smoke?
Pretty much to the butt and don't dare flick a cigarette that has at least 1/3/-1/4 left if you see me without a cigarette in my hand-better hook a bitch up (and I know you of course haha)

How many cigarettes do you smoke every day?
Varies with the day. Varies if alcohol is involved ;)  no less than 10 on an average day

Have you ever brought an entire carton of smokes?
wow. It has been quite awhile since I have, but yes.

Can you pack cigarettes?
This is one of my favorite activities. I'd volunteer to pack your cigarettes, free of charge ;)

Can you flick cigarettes?
I can

Can you blow smoke rings?
no. I can french inhale, does that count for anything?

What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?
Camel Filter - as of late just took myself off the menthols

Lame cigarette story:
..and this one time .... I was at a stop light and I kept seeing that my back window looked foggy and I couldn't figure out why since it was 4 in the afternoon and bright as hell outside. I'm trying to keep an eye on the light and somewhere in my mind I know that what I am seeing is not right . I turn my head back quickly to look and there's my damn cigarette that I thought I got out the car window still burning next to a book I had laying up there. Talk about a moment of panic. Had to wait for the light to turn green to get out of the car and get into the back seat window.

When did you start drinking coffee?
I'm not sure. My mom always drank coffee and wasn't opposed to letting me have it growing up  however I think the habit really picked up when I started working at a coffee shop .. near 2002 now it's just about everyday and once I have that first's half a day of coffee drinking

How many cups/mg a day?
Varies. Typical is (2) 5 shot americanos..on days that I get to stay home and be leisurely I'll drink about 10 cups if I'm up early enough, typically don't drink it past 12's a weird quirk of mine, gotta be done by noon!

Do you go to coffeeshops?

What's your favorite roast/blend?

Favorite espresso drink?

Do you know how to use an espresso maker?
yes. used to be a barista

Have you ever worked at a coffee place?

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